Advanced FIX-Based Technology

Allocate, confirm and affirm trades seamlessly through reliable, secure technology

Alpha Omega FIXAffirm™ is the first comprehensive post-trade solution for investment management, based on the proven industry standard FIX protocol. Leading asset managers and broker/dealers have begun adopting the FIX protocol for post-trade processing, clearly signaling an industry move towards this established market standard.

With FIXAffirm, trades can be quickly and easily allocated, confirmed and affirmed immediately after trade execution. FIXAffirm directly connects the asset manager and counterparty broker to facilitate the matching process — with exceptions easily resolved on trade date through FIXAffirm’s Trade Console.

FIXAffirm uses established FIX networks to provide reliable, secure communication of trade and account details. FIXAffirm is available in both enterprise and hosted versions, with global FIX connectivity.

boostAchieve STP

Leverage easy integration with existing order management systems
A natural extension of the trading platform, FIXAffirm integrates seamlessly with existing order management systems and simplifies the post-trade process.


moneyReduce costs

Lower trade ticket charges and cut the expense of manually processing errors
In today’s dynamic market environment, waiting until T+1 or longer to fix post-trade errors is too long — and very costly. That’s why it’s essential for institutional investors to have a reliable, secure and robust post-trade processing platform.


riskMitigate risk

Add FIXAffirm as a parallel post-trade solution
Now asset managers and broker/dealers can harness technology that lowers post-trade costs and minimizes the risk of a single point of failure.


globeGlobal coverage

Process US and international equities, ETFs, and fixed income securities
FIXAffirm, directly connects counterparties to deliver fully automated allocation, confirmation and affirmation of trades for equities and fixed income securities.