Reduce costs, resolve errors in real-time and streamline the entire post-trade process

Key features and benefits

  • Accepts a variety of post-trade message formats from asset managers and normalizes them to present a uniform interface to broker systems
  • Receives trade details from multiple clients via a single FIX connection, eliminating the need for separate point-to-point connections
  • Allows asset managers to specify tolerances for matching on a field-by-field basis, including individual components of miscellaneous fees
  • Utilizes redundant, secure FIX networks to minimize post-trade disruptions
  • Covers US and international equities, futures, ETFs and fixed income securities
  • Supports intraday processing so errors can be fixed on trade date
  • Is available as a hosted solution or deployed on-site
  • Enables matching of Standing Settlement Instructions (SSI)
  • Easily resolves trade exceptions through FIXAffirm’s Trade Console