Company Overview

Innovators in post-trade technology

At Alpha Omega, post-trade is all we do — from start to finish, Alpha to Omega.
The company was founded on proven technology for post-trade that lowers costs, reduces error rates and integrates seamlessly with existing trading systems.

Ignatius John, co-founder of Alpha Omega, was the first in the industry to implement a fully automated post-trade process in 2008 using the FIX protocol. This process achieved error rates of less than 1%, reduced costs and increased trading efficiency. Convinced that the post-trade arena was ripe for new technology, Ignatius partnered with Kamal Duggirala, an industry thought leader in portfolio management and trading technology, to create Alpha Omega.

The FIX Protocol — A Uniform Standard

At Alpha Omega we believe that straight-through-processing is achievable today, resulting in a seamless flow of trade details from portfolio management to trading to settlement. The industry standard FIX protocol offers the granularity, flexibility and connectivity to fully support the communication of trade details between asset managers, brokers, clearing agencies and custodian banks. Recognizing these capabilities, leading asset managers and broker/dealers have embraced the FIX protocol as a uniform standard that can serve all participants in the post-trade world.

For the last two decades much of the industry’s investment has been directed towards front-office solutions. We believe that the middle- and back-office are essential functions that can contribute to lowering costs, reducing errors and ultimately improving portfolio performance. We offer innovative technology and the highest level of strategic consultation to enable our clients to achieve these goals.

Our mission is clear. Our expertise in post-trade is unmatched. And our solutions are backed by experienced technology and investment professionals who understand the entire investment process, from pre- to post-trade, Alpha to Omega.

Trade Life Cycle