A team of experts in investment process, trading and post-trade

IgnatiusIgnatius John, President
Ignatius John, considered by many to be an IT visionary, is recognized as a pioneer in the use of the FIX Protocol for post-trade. As Global Trading Strategist at AXA Rosenberg, Ignatius implemented a complete post-trade solution in 2008 using the FIX Protocol. This accomplishment was highlighted in a leading industry journal on Trading, and was a precursor to the industry’s adoption of FIX for post-trade.

In various roles at AXA Rosenberg over two decades, Ignatius managed business strategy, product and technology development. He also worked for global custodian State Street Bank on real-time trading technology. Ignatius has a proven track record of implementing functional improvements to the investment process, from pre- to post-trade in the US, Asia and Europe, to increase workflow efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance portfolio returns.

KamalKamal Duggirala, Chief Executive Officer
Kamal Duggirala, a pioneer in electronic trading, brings over 25 years of experience to Alpha Omega. Prior to co-founding the Firm, Kamal was the Chief Executive Officer of Barra, Inc., the leading provider of portfolio risk management analytics worldwide. Barra’s client base of over 1,000 leading financial institutions around the globe included the majority of the world’s largest asset managers, broker/dealers and pension funds.

Under Kamal’s leadership, Barra developed the first enterprise risk management system for asset managers and pension funds. Kamal was also responsible for the design and implementation of the POSIT system, which became the leading portfolio trading system for asset managers. He also led the development of real-time options and equity trading systems for broker/dealers in Europe and Japan.

deepak_white_backgroundDeepak Choudhury, Head of Technology
Deepak Choudhury is responsible for charting the technology road-map, and heading the software development and deployment efforts. Deepak is an experienced software engineering leader, focused on financial systems and enterprise software for the past 18 years. Before Alpha Omega, Deepak headed the engineering team at Technicon, which provides manufacturers configure, price and quote (CPQ) software solutions.

At Advisor Software, as Vice President of Engineering, Deepak led the development and implementation efforts for a complex enterprise financial technology deployment at Citi. He has also led development teams at Extensity (now Infor) and PeopleSoft (now Oracle). Deepak obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and his B.Tech. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.